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Take a trip up into higher altitudes - all 21 mountain in BestigBjerge are over 100 meters above sealevel. That means, not a trip for those afraid of heights!

Or maybe it is? Wonderful, lovely Denmark invites you on experiences in the heights. On Jutland and Fyn you can find hilltops with views across hills and valleys, woodlands, lakes and creeks. A bench at the top calls for quiet reflection or a fun path lures you to more experiences.

Each mountain that is featured on BestigBjerge.dk, is provided with two 3-digit numbered codes - one near the parking lot at the beginning of the trip and one near the top. The signs with the numbered codes are green metal signs with BestigBjerge's logo. The signs are a little hidden because it is not supposed to be easy to break the code in order to become a Danish mountaineer! Look behind posts or signs and under tabletops or bench seats or something like that - then you'll soon learn the trick. 

When you have found the numbered codes you can either bring them home to your computer or use your smartphone right there and then. Enter BestigBjerge.dk and find the registration page. Here, you can enter an optional mountaineering name and a personal e-mail address. It is the e-mail address that is most important to remember the next time you enter BestigBjerge.dk and register as a mountaineer of a different mountain. That way, the website will be able to track how many vertical meters you collect as you go.

Hall of fame

When you have climbed all the mountains that is featured on BestigBjerge, your mountaineering name will appear in the Hall of Fame. Here you will find only the most tenacious mountaineers - and your name should definitely be there. But be aware! Even though you've entered the Hall of Fame, new mountains in the BestigBjerge family will mean that you again have to go on the road to keep your place in the Hall of Fame.

Visit BestigBjerge before you jump off into nature's wonderful experiences and read about how you get into the "Hall of Fame".

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