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The path at Ejer Mountains

Ejer Bavnehøj or Møllehøj (Milltop) - is the highest points in Denmark. With 170.86 meters above sea level, Møllehøj is simply Denmark's highest natural point.

For a long time Himmelbjerget was considered to be the highest point in Denmark, but as land measurement was accurate from the middle of the 1800s, it was clear that Denmark's highest points was either Yding Skovhøj or Ejer Bavnehøj/Møllehøj.

In 2005 in the process of making accurate surveys experts found out that Denmark's highest natural point turned out to be Ejer Bavnehøj/Møllehøj. 

So until new experts invent new methods el-clay new assumptions, we consider Ejer Mountains to have the record.

All this you can read more about the exhibition at the round information building - Ejer Bavnehøj

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