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Præstegårdsstien near Skanderborg

The five-kilometer-long "Præstegårdssti" offers an exciting narrative about well-known parts of the Old Testament through wooden figures and information boards – there is also a picnic house and shelters, as well as a 100-meter wooden path. Præstegårdssti.

The primary route of Præstegårdssti is five kilometers long, but there are opportunities to take small marked detours along the way. The trail consists of a 100-meter wooden path in Bredmose, a picnic house, shelters, information boards, and intriguing wooden figures that are part of a narrative about well-known parts of the Old Testament.

The trail has been created in collaboration with another green partnership in Skanderborg Municipality.

Download a small map here. The map is not in high resolution, but search for "Præstegårdsbakken" here, and you will find a good overview map to guide you.


You can either park at Dagli'Brugsen in Tebstrup, at Sneptrup Præstegård, Landsbyordningen Ejer Bavnehøj, or at exit number 54 on the East Jutland motorway.

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