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The town Skanderborg is located in the Lake District and offers a wealth of shops, including the shopping center Bloms. Skanderborg is situated in a beautiful natural setting overlooking Skanderborg Lake. Take a trip to the Cultural Center where you can enjoy beautiful exhibitions, visit the cozy café, library or take a walk in the cinema.

Set aside an hour or two for a delightful, historical stroll in the old market town of Skanderborg, beautifully situated in the lake highlands. Look around the Slotsbanken with Skanderborg Slotskirke and enjoy the view over the lake where the young Crown Prince Christian (later King Christian IV) learned to sail.

Enjoy the beautiful city

Enjoy the fine old houses in Borgergade, grab a cup of coffee at one of the town's many cafes, and take a trip to Sumpstien - a piece of enchanting nature - and Svanesø. If you are a group, you can possibly book a skilled guide at the Skanderborg Museum.

On a shopping trip

Skanderborg's range of shops - including the Bloms shopping center - matches most big cities. Here is a colorful mix of modern concept stores, family-owned specialty stores, supermarkets with both food and non-food items, and second-hand stores with everything in reuse.

The cultural center in Skanderborg is worth a visit on the shopping trip. Here, there are changing exhibitions, a café, a library with tourist info, and a cinema.

Dyrehaven is among other things famous for the festival SmukFest, which every year in August attracts more than 40,000 music- and fun-loving guests. They settle in tents around the festival site, and for four days they create, together with well-known musicians from home and abroad, the most beautiful atmosphere under the beech trees. Also, Skanderborg city - SmukBy - is dressed up for the festival, the shops move out onto the street, and at Kulturtorvet, there is musical entertainment for everyone.

The children's book author Ole Lund Kirkegaard

Every year in May, Skanderborg celebrates its famous native son, children's book author Ole Lund Kirkegaard, with a children's book fair, and every other year with festive Sløngeldage (named after "The Ugly Ducklings' Club"). And every single day of the year, you can enjoy the sight of the fine ceramic dragons and the grocer's house (known from "Little Virgil") at Kulturtorvet and the gable painting from "Otto is a Rhino" opposite the secondary school - and not least visit the fantastic playground Sløngel Pladsen in the middle of town.

Galten and Hørning

Also, the town squares in Galten and Hørning are delightful starting points for no-stress shopping. The shops are close together, and you quickly come across some good deals. On your way between the towns, you will encounter signs for "honey and jam" or "new potatoes". Behind such a sign is often a farm shop with high-quality food, and the producer stands behind the counter themselves.

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